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The Hobbit: Floor Plan of Bag End

Floor plan of Bag End

Floor plan of Bag End

How would you like to have the original floor plan of Bag End of Hobbit fame? Well, now it’s for sale from

Thanks to Carroll for this tip. He wants to build a Hobbit house in wet and wild Washington state.

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6 Responses to “The Hobbit: Floor Plan of Bag End”

  1. Iñaki says:

    Where is the bathroom ???

  2. Karen Gordon says:

    My husband and I love bag end. The wood working and the house it self. I hope to have a house like that someday.

  3. Bratu Emil Ilie says:

    In the movie, in the right of the entrance hall, from outside, you can see 2 windows, but in this plan you can only see one, belonging to the spare room.

  4. Robert says:

    Hobbits love halls!

  5. Owen Geiger says:

    I had no idea this house was so large and complex. As usual, we always recommend starting with something small like a tool shed or guest house to develop your skills. There’s a learning curve to everything. Also note, vault designs like this will require additional concrete and rebar if you use earthbags.

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