“Unique, Dream home, Words cannot describe this totally Awesome, Off the Grid, Self Sufficient Home tucked away in an ancient alcove in beautiful Southeastern Utah canyon in a place remote but still close to the town.

Located about 20 minutes south and fairly close to the town of Monticello, Utah. There is a mature orchard, vineyard and a great garden area which is watered by the collected rainwater and supplemented with the private well located on the property. Two 2000 culinary stainless water tanks, 24 volt solar electricity system with ample storage. Propane and a back-up generator to round out the system. A must see to feel the spirit of the ancient Anasazi. This home is totally off the grid and with the state of the world the way it is, one could find peace in this self sufficient Fantastic Home built in an Ancient Alcove or cave which is located on 51.92 acre in Montezuma Canyon heart of some fabulous ruins of the ancients.”

That’s right. This does seem like the ultimate off grid property. Wow.


Live on a cliff, inside a mountain! This ultimate off the grid home is on the market. — 1 Comment

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