This project goes to show how low cost materials and some hard work can create something very valuable and desirable. Contractor built swimming pools are very expensive – beyond the budget of most people.

Hello, my name is Everton and I live in Brazil. This job took 3 weeks and I filled 350 bags with the sand of the place with the help of 2 friends. We did not have any experience with the technique and it cost approximately R $2000,00 (US$600). The pool is 6m in diameter at the top and 5m at the bottom and 1.4m deep.

The impermeability does not appear in the video but at this stage I used a polyester mesh with polymer mortar. I did not use a chicken mesh and applied the plaster directly to the bags by sticking easily. I have tested the pool for several days and it is perfectly watertight. Everything seems to be extraordinarily strong.

Compare to a pool with pond liner.


$600 Earthbag Swimming Pool — 11 Comments

  1. Hello
    I am not a native english speaker.
    I want to make my swimming pool with this technique and i would really appreciate if you could post an update (how has it evolved 2 years later ?) and a step by step way to do the impermeability.
    Thank you
    Cyril from Reunion Island

  2. sorry, but unrealistic. three weeks labour, 3 quintales of rebar. cement, cost of bags, tile, plumbing. i would say closer to $3500 or a bit more even with free labour. i like the concept and i know that using this approach for dams works very well. just not sure why they opted to use earthbgas instead of going super adobe. i am also putting in a pool and have built numerous superadobe houses. great concept and a positive is more earthquake resistant over conventional in zones like here in nicaragua. curious as to the success they have had after a couple of years. interesting post. thanks

    • There was a small error in the email. The cost was USD 2000.00 which approximately R$ 6600 – 7000. The working day cost Usd 15.00 then 2 workers x 20 days = USD 600. The cement USD 6.00 x 40 = USD 120, The 5 iron screens USD 75, 350 bags USD 70, waterproofing and ceramic coating USD 714.This is what I remember now plus other small things total USD 1579.00 I used sandbags because they were what I had available. And I also have doubts about the durability of the project. But only time will tell.

    • Hey Kevin,

      I would like to ask you a few questions, Im interested in building a pool with superadobe, I’ve seen the concept, never done it, you got any tips, thanks in advance.

  3. Everton,Vila Lobos com “Brasileirinho” deve ter te ajudado porque, a piscina ficou simplesmente: LINDA!Parabens!
    Um abraço fraternal para você e amigos que te ajudaram.

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