What future will you choose?

What future will you choose?

I found this image somewhere on the Internet. It shows the stark contrast facing society today. Our day to day decisions affect the outcome. What future will you choose? The world in my opinion is getting crazier all the time so I opt for a better life close to nature, and small town living.

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The Future is Your Choice — 11 Comments

  1. Hey Owen, could you please do some house/building designs once in a while. That’s what got me hooked on this site in the first place. Thanks, take care.

  2. ‘I am no bird and no net ensnares me. I am a human being with a free and independent will’. I forget who wrote this, it it one of the much celebrated writers, perhaps Shakespeare. Regardless, it hits the nail on the head. We do have a choice! After all, people lived in this world for 1000s of years off grid before we all came along. We can all make changes if we’re prepared to educate ourselves and remove our ego from the equation. For example, do you really need that new gas guzzling SUV to impress your peers or yourself? The Dalia Lama once said something along the lines of how he was dumbfounded at how we work ourselves to death, just to live, where extra long hours of stressful toil result in more trips to the farmacy, to therapy and to an early grave etc…

    A simple life is hard work, but more rewarding and a lot cleaner.

    • I like to think we still have a certain amount of choice. There are lots of examples on our blog of people dropping out to a degree to live alternatives lifestyles off grid, in tiny houses, RVs, digital nomadism, farmstays, etc.

  3. I vote for a future more like the one on the right, ha ha.

    Here’s a scary look at what society could evolve into on our current trajectory if we don’t change course. The following video shows how people will be almost completely caught up into augmented reality using google glasses, etc.

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