Atulya Bingham, author of Mud Ball – How i Dug Myself Out of the Daily Grind, shares her opinions on the future of cities versus rural living.

I love the title of Atulya’s book. Escaping the grind and finding freedom really is the most important part of her book, and the reason for my work in natural building and gardening. It’s all about simplicity and finding a more sustainable life living in tune with nature.


The End of Cities? A Sustainable Look at Urbanization in Turkey — 2 Comments

    • Someone commented a few months ago that cities were the best places to live. What??? I almost gagged when I heard that. So I couldn’t resist publishing this video, which resonates with how I feel. (Note: I don’t mind small cities. I only go to large cities 1-2 times a year to stock up on hard to find items.)

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