Jake vs the Earthship part 8

“The back mass wall is up to the 7th course of bags and another course of foam insulation is about to start. In the video I show how the geotextile is woven through the mass wall making it monolithic. This … Continue reading →

Greenhouse Construction of the Zero Energy Thermal Mass Greenhouse

“The Zero Energy Thermal Mass Greenhouse solves the problem of freezing weather and a short season climate when you need to grow food. There is no grid connection for heat. It will work anywhere. The two big things that it … Continue reading →

Cold Fusion Now Art Contest

I’ve put a great deal of time and effort into understanding what’s happening with LENR/cold fusion reactions. Overwhelming evidence confirms LENR is proven beyond doubt, but exactly how the process works is still not understood. Fully understanding the process is … Continue reading →

Cumulative Home Energy Costs

– Why Every American Homeowner Should be Concerned “The following table represents a scenario where home energy bills increase by a very modest 5% per year over a 50 year time frame. Look up your current monthly energy bill to … Continue reading →

Save $100,000 on Zero Energy Homes

I was browsing Build it Solar.com, one of my favorite websites, and found the Montague Urban Homestead zero energy home pictured above. I was initially attracted to the home design by its simple lines and potential for do-it-yourself owner-builders (the … Continue reading →

Cody Lundin’s Zero Energy Home

No heating or air conditioning, and yet Cody’s house stays around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Cody’s website and book explain how he built his ferrocement house. You could build a house like this with earthbags on the sides and ferrocement on … Continue reading →