Most Woodburning Stoves Will Soon Be Illegal

“When you think of that little dream homestead in the woods, what does it include? Probably a well and septic system, a little stream bubbling nearby, a chicken coop, a sunroom for winter growing, and a cozy fire to curl … Continue reading →

Rocket Mass Heaters

Rocket Mass Heaters – Super Efficient Woodstoves You Can Build “Here is a superefficient wood fired heater you can build for yourself in a weekend for less than a hundred dollars. This book explains in detail exactly how to build … Continue reading →

Small Wood Stoves for Small Homes

Andrew, one of our readers, suggested a blog post about small stoves for all those planning small earthbag homes. This is a great idea because earthbag buildings are highly efficient and so in many cases all you need is a … Continue reading →

Hot Water Jackets for Wood Stoves

Anyone know where these are available new? Note the reference to the old Mother Earth News Magazine article (free online) and the warning about providing a pressure relief valve. Related: Exchanger Wood Stove (wood stove and oven with copper … Continue reading →

Wood-fired Cookstoves

Many of our readers are dreaming of building a small, efficient, sustainable home that requires some sort of heating. A wood-fired cookstove is a good multi-functional option for heating, cooking and water heating. You may be able to save money … Continue reading →

Homemade Wood Heating Stove

Lynda Wilson over at The Owner Builder Magazine was kind enough to send me a photo and some text about building a homemade wood stove. It’s a very clever design with adobe surround to retain the heat and has a … Continue reading →