Earthbag Water Tanks in Vanuatu Update

“Cyclone Pam hit Port Vila as a category 5 cyclone in March 2015. Many water tanks were destroyed, pierced by debris, and houses lost. For the first two weeks the only clean water available on half road Erakor was coming … Continue reading →

Vanuatu Update: Experience is everything

‚ÄúThis Vanuatu build was started with a little experience in what can go wrong and it made all the difference. Seven Australians aged 14 to 63 and four local men worked together with the wife and four daughters of a … Continue reading →

Final Vanuatu Drawings

The project in Vanuatu is moving along. Here are the final drawings. We modified my $300 Earthbag House design to meet the needs of locals in Vanuatu. The houses are clustered, two rooms have been added in each house, the … Continue reading →

Vanuatu Earthbag Update Aug 12, 2013

“Hi Owen, I’ve been sick for the past fortnight but it’s given me a chance to process all the offers and opportunities that have opened up. I am going to have to work with the government in Vanuatu so I … Continue reading →

Vanuatu Earthbag Project Report

In an effort to prove that a simple earthbag roundhouse could be built entirely with unskilled and inexperienced labor we made a leap of faith. We bought a block of land on the island of Efate in Vanuatu. We intended … Continue reading →