My Big Dream

After realizing how much I love planting/creating forest gardens, I’ve decided to make a large forest garden in about 5-10 years for my ‘retirement plan’. I don’t have the money now and am not sure exactly where the farm will … Continue reading →

New Patio Roof for our Sustainable Homestead

Work has been completed on a new patio roof behind our farmhouse just in time for the start of the rainy season. This roof keeps our outdoor picnic area and workspace out of the heat and rain. The patio roof … Continue reading →

Forest Garden Update Fall 2017: Explosive Growth, Living Mulch, New Beds

It’s time for another tropical forest garden update after a little over four years since the garden was started. A year ago it looked great as you can see in this video: Our Forest Garden is Finished! Things have changed … Continue reading →

Our Forest Garden is Finished!

After a little over three years I’m very happy to say our tropical forest garden is finished. The hard work of raising the garden beds 12” with about 60 dump truck loads of amendments is done. The trees are well … Continue reading →

2 Year Forest Garden Update: Forest Gardens as a Hedge Against Drought

This is my annual video update of our forest garden. I’m calling it ‘Forest Gardens as a Hedge Against Drought’ for reasons I’m about to explain. Right across the road from our garden you can see the barren, dry rice … Continue reading →