What if You Can’t Afford to Attend an Earthbag Workshop

Readers are wondering what to do if they can’t afford an earthbag workshop. Even my free workshops for NGOs require money for travel expenses. Don’t worry. We put almost everything on our websites for free. Earthbag building is very basic … Continue reading →

Eco-Construction – Natural Building for a Sustainable World

“Earthbag Construction is a natural building technique, by which extremely durable and strong structures are built with little cost to the planet or to the pocket book. It is a quick and easy process that makes use of local materials … Continue reading →

Natural Building Apprenticeship 2013, SECMOL, Ladakh

“In July and August 2013, SECMOL (Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) organized apprenticeships on Sustainable Sanitation Systems, Passive Solar Design and Earth Building Construction on its campus in Phey (Leh, Ladakh). … Continue reading →

The Ojai Foundation

“Last week in California, my partner and I visited The Ojai Foundation and found a great source of inspiration for the type of service we eventually hope to provide. Most notably, the Foundation combines lessons about sustainable living with experiences … Continue reading →

Training the Locals – Earthbag Dome, Columbia

“This training took place December 2011 in Nariño, the southern border of Colombia with Ecuador. During 2 days we gave all the basic construction tools to a bunch of very happy and enthusiastic locals which were amazed at learning a … Continue reading →