Deviation to an Earthbag Concept: Earthbag Firepit

“It was another great weather weekend up in WY. I got up around 2PM on Saturday and started working on stabilizing the walls with an earthbag process. Instead of buying the polypropylene or burlap bags, a landscaping supplier sold … Continue reading →

How to Make a “Doma” Tamped Earth Floor

“If you are looking for a cheap way to make a hard floor in a foyer, in a shed, or barn, you may want to consider a tamped earth floor, or what is called “tataki” or “douma” in Japanese. Japanese … Continue reading →

Impact Testing Earthco Megablocks with Blackpowder Cannon

“We fired fence posts and bricks from a blackpowder cannon into an EarthCo Megablock wall made from local earth and water. These walls were produced from highly shrinking-swelling clay subsoil which produces a very low quality wall, however our goal … Continue reading →