100 Mile Home: First Straw/Clay home permitted in Eugene

“A 100 Mile Home is Eugene’s first permitted residence with a natural light straw/clay wall system, and it’s being built at Emerald Village Eugene! … Continue reading →

1,000 year-old Straw/clay Houses in Germany

Classic German architecture: Fachwerk und Enxaimel — Timber-frame straw/clay houses with hazel stick reinforcing lasts for centuries. (None of these buildings had building permits and so maybe they should all be pulled down?) … Continue reading →

Straw/Clay Mixer

“Rather than laboriously tossing clay slip with straw by hand to make light clay straw for finishing the stuffing of the bale walls, we used this mixer to speed up the process. We could mix large batches of light clay … Continue reading →

Hyakusho: Natural Building in Korea

I just found this fascinating site while researching straw/clay. Natural building is alive and well around the world! Kyle Holzhueter’s website is loaded with photos and information on traditional building techniques. “Kyle Holzhueter works as a straw bale builder and … Continue reading →

Straw/Clay Houses

Straw/clay has been in use for thousands of years with great success. The focus of our blog is obviously earthbag building, but we’ve decided to include coverage of other natural building methods to broaden our horizons and reach a wider … Continue reading →