Design Details of My Tiny Strawbale House: Beauty and Function

“In this video I take you through some of the design features of my strawbale tiny house and explain how designing a house to be efficient, sustainable, and functional can result in a byproduct of beauty. Tiny house builders and … Continue reading →

Owner Renovated Strawbale House!

“The owner of this house renovated his walls with strawbales which have an average R-value of 40! He is the owner of the strawbale building business Paja Construction in Albuquerque, New Mexico!” … Continue reading →

8 Great Straw Bale Projects From Around the World

“Whenever I drive past a new building on the edge of every town, I wonder — why aren’t they building straw bale? But the word is spreading, and staw bale buildings are becoming a more common sight around the world. … Continue reading →