Steve’s New Straw Bale House in Scotland

Yesterday’s blog post was about Steve’s unpermitted straw bale house in Scotland. This is the new straw bale house he is building that includes an amazing (first ever?) double reciprocal roof. … Continue reading →

£4000 Strawbale House in Scotland

Steve built a £4000 ($6,260) unpermitted house in Scotland a few years back with local materials. (He hopes to build it for less next time.) The results are marvelous as you can see. His websites are packed with wonderful photos … Continue reading →

Minnesota Strawbale: Fruits of our Labor

“The first structure we built on our 9 acres was the tool shed. (After it served its purpose for storing tools it became a chicken coop, then a mini art studio and is now a sauna!) The second structure we … Continue reading →

Building with Jumbo Straw Bales

“The Holiday Apartments Straw House – farm Holiday The strawbale house was constructed with jumbo strawbales allowing superb insulation and a healthy, very comfortable atmosphere. The appartements have been arranged with all natural materials such as wooden furniture, terracotta-flooring and … Continue reading →