A Passive Solar Straw Bale Home

“This passive solar straw bale house is situated in one of the coldest places in the nation. Gunnison, Colorado, ranks within the top 5 cities with the average coldest temperatures in the United States, yet the insulating properties of the … Continue reading →

Straw Bale Building: DIY Wrap-Around Porch

“Climate and weather in the high desert of Arizona are harsh. Granted, we don’t have the severe cold of northern states, but monsoonal rains driven by 50 mph winds and intense sun that will burn skin through a long sleeved … Continue reading →

Paja Construction

Kent Potter’s strawbale house by Paja Construction Many readers may not be aware of all the companies who have pioneered the natural building movement and have built up vast experience in the field. Someone new to the subject might think … Continue reading →

Turning Round Straw Bales into Rectangular Building Bales

Cliff, one of our long time readers, sent me the photo above and the following email. “Just a heads up on something I see coming in the future in the straw bale world. Small round bales. Lots of reasons. There … Continue reading →