Building your own Straw Bale House – an interview with the Author

“When I was planning to build this house, the one thing I wanted but couldn’t find was a step by step, comprehensive series of photos showing the whole process. While building this house I ended up taking over 5,000 photos…and … Continue reading →

Emergency Straw Bale Shelter Links

Hello, I came across your site on straw bale building and wonder if you can share your knowledge about the feasibility of building straw bale temp shelters for those braving the cold in North Dakota and Iowa to stop the … Continue reading →

Huff ‘n’ Puff’s golden rules for designing and building your strawbale home

Huff ‘n’ Puff’s golden rules for designing and building your strawbale home: 1. Practice on a test wall before you build. 2. Keep your buildings small. 3. Do not design a two-storey home. 4. Inspect your bales at source before … Continue reading →

Free Strawbale Building Ebook: Build it With Bales

This is a gift from the authors (Matts Myhrman and S.O. McDonald) to everyone in need of this basic information. Build it With Bales, Version Two is one of my all time favorite books. It’s become a classic in strawbale … Continue reading →

Strawmark Strawbale Homes FAQ

Q. Is Strawmark suitable for wetter areas of New Zealand? A. Strawmark commissioned a Moisture Performance Test by BRANZ/BIA, which sets the building code. Their test results state that our method is suitable for all areas of New Zealand. … Continue reading →