Stonemaker Machine

“CEO Gary Troke shows us his amazing stonemaker machine. It is a mobile block, brick and wet cement making machine. It is capable of making any type of brick or block imaginable. It is also an amazing compressed earth block … Continue reading →

Soil Cement Pavers

This video is by David Easton, the well known owner of Rammed Earth Works in California and author of The Rammed Earth House, the best selling book on the subject. Here’s Wiki’s description: “Soil cement is a construction material, a … Continue reading →

PolyPavement Natural Soil Pavement

Scott Howard of Earthen Hand tipped me off to this soil stabilizing product that could be useful for some projects. Text below is from the PolyPavement website. PolyPavement solidifies earth to make Natural Soil Pavement. It is a liquid soil … Continue reading →

Gypsum and Lime Stabilized Soil (Alker Technology)

Although not necessarily required for earthbag building, stabilizing soil improves water resistance and compressive strength, and speeds drying time. Since 1978, Istanbul Technical University has been researching a technique called alker technology or alker construction. Basically it’s just soil stabilized … Continue reading →