Frank Shuman’s Solar Arabian Dream

“On a clear, blazing hot day in June of 1913, the cream of British colonial society in Egypt—including journalists, ranking civil servants, and diplomats—gathered in Maadi, a small farming village on the banks of the Nile several miles south of … Continue reading →

Muni Seva Ashram – the Green Ashram

“Muni Seva Ashram is an active agent in the drive for sustainable development, with large-scale interests in organic farming, agro forestry, horticulture, animal husbandry, solar energy, and biogas. This is also reflected in the Ashram’s new website address, Green … Continue reading →

Selco Solar — Solar Villages

Solar Villages: The Need – According to the Planning Commission of India, more than one third population of India live in off the grid areas and an equal number of people live in areas with unreliable grid electricity and frequent … Continue reading →

Industrial Country Market

What do you do after you’ve built your sustainable homestead? Have you considered expanding your original self-sufficiency plans to include an income generating business, teaching workshops and possibly producing food for your community? The Industrial Country Market has done all … Continue reading →