Bean/Vetiver Borders with Compost/Earthworm Trenches

I’m experimenting with a passive compost trench system along the sides of our forest garden beds. The bean borders/compost trenches are primarily for erosion control, building soil, boosting the worm population and suppressing weeds. Secondary benefits include beans for seed … Continue reading →

Restoring Degraded Land With Weeds

“When we started our farm, there were so many prickly “touch me nots” (impatiens or “shy plant)) that we were obliged to wear shoes at all times. Now, with the help of nutrient cycling, our garden has been transformed into … Continue reading →

Fast and Effective Soil Building Ideas

About a month ago I trimmed our mulberry trees to encourage new growth and extra fruit production. It seemed such a waste to throw the branches in the compost pile so I looked for a suitable place to plant 10” … Continue reading →

Keyline Cultivation for Rapid Soil Building

Here’s an update about the keyline cultivation system that I covered in a previous blog post titled Restoring Degraded Land. Building soil on degraded land is one of my biggest passions lately, because this is what the world needs now. … Continue reading →

Permaculture Plants

Today’s blog post is reposted from Tropical Permaculture, an excellent site that I’ve been using lately. Sites like Tropical Permaculture and Eco Oasis that have specialized, expert level advice are invaluable. In a few hours of research you can glean … Continue reading →