The Incredible House Truck Michael Ostaski Built

“Renaissance artist and craftsman Michael Ostaski gives a tour of the house truck he built in the 60’s. To build his Land Yacht Michael started with a stripped down truck cab with a simple bare chassis behind and built EVERYTHING … Continue reading →

Couple Goes Off Grid, on to Savings

“After years of living in big cities, Sonny and Linda Jobe decided to make a change as they entered into retirement. Buying a farm in Doddridge County in West Virginia, Sonny and Linda decided to live completely off-the-grid. They’ve installed … Continue reading →

Floating Gardens

“Bangladesh faces severe problems as a consequence of storms, cyclones and floods. The ancient practice of floating gardens – beds of straw and water hyacinths on which crops are grown – is making a comeback in the face of increased … Continue reading →

High Tunnel Greenhouse Construction

A polytunnel (hoop) greenhouse like this would be faster and easier to build than a dome. This particular polytunnel design is low cost, strong and easy to build. A greenhouse this size would provide more than enough fruit and vegetables … Continue reading →