Rebuilding Earthquake-hit Homes in Nepal with Earthbags

“A SCOTTISH entrepreneur is using a new slant on a century-old construction method to rebuild earthquake-devastated homes in Nepal. Derek Cowan and a team of volunteers are in the village of Thangpalkot, in the foothills of the Himalayas, on a … Continue reading →

NEA Earthbag Technology Report

The Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA) invited me and Kateryna of Good Earth Nepal to submit a technical summary of earthbag building, which has just been published. An excerpt is below. The full report is also now free online at Earthbag … Continue reading →

Earthbag School in Aagra, Nepal

“Mar 1, 2016- A building of Mahankal Primary School at Aagra-8 in the northern Makawanpur district built with Earthbag technology has reprieved students from studying under makeshift shelters. The April 25 earthquake had destroyed the school building. … Continue reading →

Earthbag Shelter Nepal

I came across this project proposal for Nepal. Very little information is available, although it looks very interesting. I encourage the designer to build a prototype and report the results. “Earthbag shelter Nepal: Sharing platform for ideas and plans relating … Continue reading →

Earthquake Resistant Earthbag Building Guidelines PDF

Earthen buildings are strong in compression, but need help against tension or bending stresses. The barbed wire and vertical rebar in earthbag add important tensile strength. More than 50 earthbag buildings in Nepal have recently survived 0.5- >0.7g of earthquake … Continue reading →