How the Pyramids Were Built

Alternate title: How to Build an Earthbag House That Will Last as Long as the Pyramids. I can’t say for sure that the pyramids were built this way, but this video describes a reasonable theory of how the blocks of … Continue reading →

Desert Submarine

This unique 241 square foot all solar design qualifies as a zero energy home. It’s for desert regions only. The home is cooled with water trickling over the metal roofing using the same evaporative cooling principle as found in the … Continue reading →

Emergency Shelter Kits

Tim Merritt is working to provide emergency earthbag shelter in Haiti. He’s currently at the Haitian Academy, the site of the only full-time medical school in Haiti, not far from Port-au-Prince. The directors of the academy have offered land and … Continue reading →

Barbed Wire Anchors for Seismic Regions

Patti Stouter has devised a new way of reinforcing earthbag walls in seismic regions. Cement mortar is inserted in some joints between bags to lock the barbed wire in place and increase tensile strength. Mortar isn’t needed between every bag, … Continue reading →

Strong as an Army Bunker

Our roundhouse is nearly finished and so I wanted to share some results. The main impression is one of incredible fortresslike strength — massive walls with no sway. Our roundhouse and dome are probably the two strongest buildings I’ve ever … Continue reading →