My favorite low cost, sustainable foundation method is earthbags filled with gravel on a rubble trench (double-bagged for strength). But it’s always good to have options because each project is a little different. ‘Urbancrete’ is slang for old concrete that … Continue reading →

Desert Submarines

Steve over at Utopia Springs sent me a link about a fascinating housing idea for desert areas. These structures stay cool in the desert (in the 60’s) using just evaporative cooling. The galvanized metal roof is covered with burlap, and … Continue reading →

Eyebrows on Domes

We routinely ask readers to document their projects and allow us to publish them on our Projects page at EarthbagBuilding.com. This enables other readers to learn much more rapidly. It’s the old “two heads are better than one” except here … Continue reading →

Earthbag Buildings Can Look Any Way You Like

Much as been written about the technical aspects of building with earthbags and how they can be used to build safe, durable, beautiful, low-cost structures. But many readers are unfamiliar with this building method and are wondering what earthbag buildings … Continue reading →

Thatched Roofs

Many earthbag builders are fond of curved houses. That’s great because earthbags readily lend themselves to curved shapes. But what about the roof? Thatch roofing is one good solution, depending on your climate and local codes. Here are a few … Continue reading →