Support Malawi Earthbag Projects

“Thank you Owen for this great development. Together with the Roscher Youth Development Centre in Rumphi, Malawi, I built a wonderful prototype of sandbag house last year, which now is impressing and convincing everyone about construction with earthbags ( Aaand … Continue reading →

Open Source Disaster Resistant Earthbag Homes for Nepal

From the archives — I realized yesterday that this open source disaster resistant earthbag house could be easily adapted to Nepal. Add a roof of recycled wood and metal roofing and for very little money (under $1,000) you’d have a … Continue reading →

Summary of Earthquake Resistant Earthbag Building Methods

We’ve posted quite a few blog posts over the years about how to reinforce earthbag buildings. Due to the earthquake in Nepal, we’re getting lots of questions about reinforced earthbag methods for earthquake regions. The following list will save people … Continue reading →

Another Earthbag Structure Survives Nepal Quake

“Hello All, Our earthbag shelter in Badhikhel (image attached) held up beautifully during the earthquake. The government and aid agencies should consider this building technique in places where manpower / volunteers can be found.” … Continue reading →

Free Earthbag Training for NGOs May 23/24

Free earthbag workshop in Thailand for NGOs and building professionals who are going to help rebuild Nepal. Dates for first 2 day workshop: May 23, 24, 2015 (hurry, that’s only one week from now!) Trainer contact information: Owen Geiger at … Continue reading →