Recycled Glass Insulation

I’m always on the lookout for sustainable natural building materials. Recycled glass insulation is not only made in part with recycled glass, it’s also effective at reducing energy costs and improving the acoustics in homes and businesses. EcoBatt insulation caught … Continue reading →

Steadfast Nepal Earthbag Houses

From Roger, the inventor: “Steadfast Nepal just bought five earthbag machines (mini Earth Home Builders). This will help speed up home building at least 4 X faster / home. These units are not powered by skid steers as they have … Continue reading →

Earthbag Animal Shelter in Nepal Survived the Earthquakes with No Damage

“Earthbag is an affordable and earthquake safe building method for Nepal, says Animal Nepal. The animal welfare agency was pleasantly surprised when its earthbag/adobe shelter did not sustain a single crack during the earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and … Continue reading →

Jiri Earthbag Project Report

“We are extremely proud of the results of this project as we managed to achieve our targets and have had a very positive response from the Jiri locals. The Jirel house has been a response to local architectural vernacular and … Continue reading →

UNM students rebuilding Nepal community center

“It was almost a year ago that a massive earthquake rocked Nepal. Nearly 8,000 people died and hundreds of villages were destroyed. Many buildings crumbled to the ground. But out of those dark moments, a group of UNM students are … Continue reading →

NEA Earthbag Technology Report

The Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA) invited me and Kateryna of Good Earth Nepal to submit a technical summary of earthbag building, which has just been published. An excerpt is below. The full report is also now free online at Earthbag … Continue reading →