Transition Forest Gardens Part 2: Alley Cropping

In my first blog post about Transition Forest Gardens I outlined some of my ideas about how to make a forest garden on degraded land. Today’s blog post covers some of my newest ideas for a transition forest garden. … Continue reading →

Tamera Community in Portugal

Another excellent video by John D. Lui, the journalist who covered the restoration project on the Loess Plateau in China. “The example of Tamera shows how a decentralized and natural water retention landscape can heal a disturbed landscape and create … Continue reading →

Drought Busters: Restoring Desertified Desert Grasslands

Busting Drought for $10 per Acre from Christopher Gill on Vimeo. “We call the combination of wild animals, planned grazing, water harvesting, and Keyline subsoiling “Drought Busters”. Drought Busters is cheap, fast, poisons no plants, kills no animals, and increases … Continue reading →