No Earthquake Damage to Rammed Earth Monasteries

A nice lady here in Nepal just told me there was no earthquake damage to the rammed earth monasteries in the Himalayas after the recent earthquakes. In fact, most of these structures have survived earthquakes for centuries. … Continue reading →

Rammed Earth Technique Developed by Mrinmayee Bangalore

The Rural Housing Knowledge Network featured in yesterday’s blog post is a treasure trove. I doubt most readers will spend an hour or more surfing the sites we profile, so I decided to feature one story on their website. … Continue reading →

Smokeless Rammed Earth Stove

Rammed Earth for Everyone has some very interesting rammed earth cookstoves and wood stoves with lots of photos that show how they’re built. Looks simple enough for any do-it-yourselfer. Cost would be negligible if the forms were reused to build … Continue reading →

How to build with clay… and community

Oh my, what a story. I spent an hour clicking through his site looking at drawings and watching videos. The story keeps getting better the more you learn. Kéré’s work has depth and quality. He is very inspiring. “Diébédo Francis … Continue reading →