Stockade Style Walls

Most readers are probably familiar with old military forts in the wild west days of the US that were built with vertical wood poles set closely together. The same building method can be used for houses and other structures. … Continue reading →

Rural Studio 20K Roundwood House

“The 2007/2008 Thesis year at Rural Studio was charged with designing the “20K House”. This project is based on a government loan known as the Section 502 Mutual Self-Help Housing loan. This is a subsidized loan created to help those … Continue reading →

Pole Building

Here are a few facts gleaned from Low Cost Pole Building Construction, by Ralph Wolfe and Practical Pole Building Construction, by Leigh Seddon. – Adaptable to steep terrain, rocky soils, marshes, beaches, earthquake and hurricane zones. For instance, you can … Continue reading →

Juniper and Cedar Poles for Construction

Yesterday’s blog post about building with juniper poles prompted me to write this blog post. Much like pallets, juniper and cedar wood is an underutilized resource, probably because these trees tend to be twisted, curved and often smallish in size. … Continue reading →