Primitive Pole Barn for $93

“Paul Wheaton has shown us the goods again! This enormous pole barn is made with tree, earthworks and a few old ad canvases. What do you think? Isn’t it great! Find him here at and also … Continue reading →

Turning Whole Trees into High-Value Building Materials

“Rather than chipping trees and re-forming the pieces with adhesive (like OSB), Roald Gundersen’s company, Whole Trees Architecture and Structures, has developed methods for using whole peeled logs for columns and trusses. … Continue reading →

Stockade Style Walls

Most readers are probably familiar with old military forts in the wild west days of the US that were built with vertical wood poles set closely together. The same building method can be used for houses and other structures. … Continue reading →

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties – Free Ebook

Yesterday’s blog post about the free book Build it With Bales was a big hit and so I decided to add this ebook. Besides making useful temporary shelter for living in while you build something more permanent, a lot can … Continue reading →

Ecological Friendly Building at the Shores of the Indian Ocean

“Takaungu Robinson House is an example of sustainable architecture that helps to preserve a pristine coral environment and indigenous coastal rainforest of Kenya for future generations. … Continue reading →