Quiggly Holes

“Ever wonder what it would be like to live completely underground? Picture a beautifully built dwelling etched into the ground, used as refuge from cold winter months. This is what is known as a ‘Quiggly Hole’ or an earth lodge … Continue reading →

Living Aleutian Home Design Competition

Imagine a creative, livable, affordable home. Now imagine it in Alaska. Join us in creating a model for a new era of Living Communities. First place prize of $35,000, and the winning design will be built! The Aleutian Islands are … Continue reading →

Solar Pit House Building Details

Specifications: 1,127 sq. ft. interior living space, 441 sq. ft. interior greenhouse, total = 1,568 sq. ft. interior, Footprint: 36’x53’ As explained in the previous blog post, this modern solar pit house is based on the traditional pit house. The … Continue reading →

Evolution of the Pit House

I’ll never forget the Native American museum exhibit of a pit house in Anchorage, Alaska. I couldn’t stop staring at it. Pit houses are so simple and yet so effective that people lived in structures like this for thousands of … Continue reading →

Affordable, Superinsulated Cold Climate Homes

Dear Owen, I am currently doing research and compiling data in order to draft a proposal here in Canada largely related to solving an epidemic within our First Nations communities in regards to a lack of adequate housing. I could … Continue reading →