Underground PAHS House: Stone Wing V6

“Design on the stone wing concept is being revived after a brief hiatus. My underground home project is growing to include a sunroom / atrium entryway that will give more exposure for PAHS efficiency, and the overall layout has changed … Continue reading →

DIY Ferrocement Domes and Vaults

“The “Green” movement has its roots in the late 60’s with the “back-to-the land” movement—-when people really started to think not just about alternative life styles but different methods of building—-including sustainability. It could easily be argued that the father … Continue reading →

Modern Natural Blog

I really like to see blogs that document owner-builder home building projects. People often come up with new and interesting ideas. This particular project is a merger of earthship and earthbag concepts. “The House to my knowledge this house will … Continue reading →

A Passive Solar Straw Bale Home

“This passive solar straw bale house is situated in one of the coldest places in the nation. Gunnison, Colorado, ranks within the top 5 cities with the average coldest temperatures in the United States, yet the insulating properties of the … Continue reading →