Restoring Paradise with Regenerative Agriculture

“Regenerative agriculture offers a future for sustainable farming in line with nature’s needs, by using holistic management and organic/biodynamic practices and even sequestering carbon in the soil – so important in the fight against climate change. At Mangarara, in New … Continue reading →

Regenerative Agriculture: Beyond Organic

You hear the term regenerative agriculture more and more these days. What does it mean? “Regenerative agriculture is a sub-sector practice of organic farming designed to build soil health or to regenerate unhealthy soils. The practices associated with regenerative agriculture … Continue reading →

Sawah Bali

A group called Sawah Bali is boosting economic activity in rural areas, and protecting farmland and traditional lifestyles in Bali. Their economic stimulus program revolves around saving agriculture by promoting organic farming, permaculture and improved business practices. … Continue reading →

Mycorrhizal Fungi: The Amazing Underground Secret to a Better Garden

Years ago, before the Internet, Mother Earth News magazine was my main source of gardening information. They have decades of free articles online, which in my opinion is a remarkable treasure trove. The following article is just a sample. “Nurture … Continue reading →

Prepare for Higher Food Prices

The continuing drought in California is contributing to higher food prices. As explained in this Zero Hedge article the drought is expected to get much worse. It could even turn into drought of epic proportions according to some new scientific … Continue reading →