Living With Less: America’s Quest for Simplicity

– Step one: We spend years working to pay the mortgage, buy nicer cars, more gadgets, trendier clothes. Leaving us with piles and piles of stuff. – Step two: Cleaning out, moving, or just tryng to free up some space. … Continue reading →

Vote with Your Wallet

Zafra, one of our readers, left a comment today that said, “I would argue that government itself is not the problem, but corporate control of government is. As a rule, if you see government interfering in progressive movements it’s to … Continue reading →

Mortage-free Property

This wonderful idea is from Canadian Dirtbags, one of my favorite earthbag blogs. “Don’t have the money to buy land? Consider ‘borrowing’ a patch of land before you lock into a mortgage that will have you working to pay it … Continue reading →