Off The Grid Cabin In New Zealand Paradise

Hidden amongst the spectacular mountain ranges of the Kahurangi National park of New Zealand, this beautiful off-the-grid cabin sits in paradise. … Continue reading →

Organica Straw Bale House

We are a group of craftsmen enthusiastic about natural materials. Our goal is to use local resources to build healthy housing. We revive traditional building crafts and combine them with modern knowledge of natural construction. We can build a new … Continue reading →

Earthbag/ Rice Hull Tiny Boulder House/Survival Shelter

This boulder house combines numerous really good ideas – earthbags, lower cost lightweight insulating material such as rice hulls, option of mixing the hulls with a stabilizer such as lime or cement for greater moisture protection, a bamboo or sapling … Continue reading →

Wat Huai Thaeng Rice Hull/Clay Bricks

From Phillip, one of our readers: We went to see this temple in N. Thailand. One structure was made of adobe and rice hulls bricks. The whole village helped in the project. It had 2 floors. Ground floor was dining … Continue reading →

How I Built a Pallet Greenhouse with a Rain Gutter Grow System

Rustic By Nature built a pallet greenhouse in Alaska with a rain gutter grow system for watering. It’s very low cost, simple and easy to build. … Continue reading →