Focus on Positive Solutions

Just imagine if the trillions of dollars wasted in Middle East wars had been invested in better ports, airports, highways, high speed rail, cleaning up the environment, reforesting degraded lands and building more sustainable cities and affordable housing. The possibilities … Continue reading →

Natural Building Blog 8th Year Anniversary

It’s that time of year again. We happy to announced our 8th year anniversary and now ranked #2 on Google. (Wiki is number one, ha ha.) We missed our anniversary last year, probably because I was traveling. … Continue reading →

Natural Building Blog — Number 2 on Google

Just for fun I did a search for the phrase “natural building” on Google, which is the world’s #1 search engine by far. The Wiki entry came up number one (as is often the case). Our Natural Building Blog is … Continue reading →

Natural Building Blog in Top 100 Construction Sites

“Hello Owen, I’m writing to follow up about the list has just published covering the Best Construction Sites on the Web. I’m happy to inform you that Natural Building Blog has been included! The whole list can be found … Continue reading →