Baja Sur Dome Home for Sale

Inspired by world-renowned American architect Nader Kahlili, these handmade art vaults [domes] are a typical example of the earth and ceramic architecture. Built with material free disposal of the land, the five domes technologies and innovations superadobe function currently available. … Continue reading →

Health Clinic in Chiapas, Mexico

This is Cato from Chiapas, Mexico. Thank you for your effort. You guys are right. For a few months, I did a lot of internet research, and decided that all that was really needed was an opportunity to get dirty. … Continue reading →

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Costa Rica

Today’s post is quoted from the Zephyr Eco website. Zephyr Eco is a project dedicated to self education and providing solutions for sustainable living. These include sustainable construction, organic farming, and free trade relationships. I have built many structures over … Continue reading →

Earthbag Dome Workshop in Tepoztlan, Mexico

I just found this video on YouTube. Take a look. All content shown here is from Guiding Star Creations. The focus of this workshop was building in a way that connected the structure and the people to the energy flows … Continue reading →

Guiding Star Creations

Here’s a new video by Guiding Star Creations. Text below is from their website. Guiding Star Creations: Cultivating thriving environments through inner transformation, earth architecture, and well-being. Neil and Stella are committed to empowering others through facilitating workshops, teaching, and … Continue reading →