Grossing $350,000 on 1.5 Acres of High Intensity, No-Till Vegetable Production

“Neversink Farm in Claryville, NY grosses $350,000 on farming 1.5 acres. It’s an amazingly productive and efficient high intensity vegetable farm. And they are doing it all no till.” … Continue reading →

Good Time to Buy Foreclosed Farm Land?

I’m hearing reports of large numbers of U.S. farmers going broke due to economic problems, drought, old age and no children to pass the farm down to, and excessive government regulations. Some newscasters are predicting higher food prices or even … Continue reading →

$1 MILLION on 10 acres — Scaling up the small farm with JM Fortier.

Curtis Stone, the Urban Farmer, and JM Fortier, the Market Gardener, are both are highly influential sustainable agriculture experts who are educating others about six figure income farming (how to make growing food profitable without expensive machinery). Their ideas can … Continue reading →