Example of $2,000 DIY Hybrid Natural Home

A key aspect of natural building is learning out how to best utilize minimally processed, locally available natural materials and salvaged materials to meet your needs. This includes using good site and climate building techniques in the design of the … Continue reading →

El Jicarito Earthbag School Update

“Work continues in El Jicarito School site! The elementary class is almost finished and the preschool is in very good shape! We are getting closer! Thanks to all the groups that have helped over the past weeks, the community, Seeds … Continue reading →

Farm Hand’s Companion

Farm Hand’s Companion is an online companion to self-sufficient farms and homesteads. It’s sort of like an old time Mother Earth News with loads of low cost, low tech, alternative/natural building, homesteading and simple living ideas. … Continue reading →

Biomimicry: The Lily Impeller

From time to time we post stories about appropriate technology that changes people’s lives. The Lily Impeller is an amazing example of biomimicry that shows the power of working with nature. Biomimicry related research is leading to an array of … Continue reading →

Water Vortex Power Plant Debuts in Switzerland

“A new way to generate electricity is being implemented in Switzerland. It’s a special water vortex power plant that bears the name of well known inventor, Bertrand Piccard.” This may be practical for homesteaders and ecovillages who want to live … Continue reading →