Designing Your Perennial Farm – Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard

“Mark Shepard, manager of New Forest Farms and author of the book Restoration Agriculture, will offer a critique of annual crop-based staple food production, while laying the ecological framework and reasons for designing a perennial staple food crops farm. … Continue reading →

Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative – Mass Ecosystem Restoration in a Time of Crisis

“This is a short video introducing the Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative and the Ecosystem Restoration Camps. This is a self-organizing, direct action to train and deploy everyone to mitigate and adapt to human induced climate change by restoring ecological function on … Continue reading →

Turn Deserts into Oases with Mycorrhizal Fungi in Under 10 Years

Here’s the article I mentioned yesterday. The article is about mycorrhizal fungi (commonly called myco). It explains how a research center near Delhi, India turned a salty, rocky soil wasteland into an oasis in under 10 years using plants inoculated … Continue reading →

Tamera Community in Portugal

Another excellent video by John D. Lui, the journalist who covered the restoration project on the Loess Plateau in China. “The example of Tamera shows how a decentralized and natural water retention landscape can heal a disturbed landscape and create … Continue reading →

Al Baydha – Another Greening the Desert Project

Arid Swales Update 20 Months After First Planting This is another important video that shows how to restore hopeless looking desert land into productive land. This is an ongoing series about restoring degraded land that includes inspiring stories such as … Continue reading →

Drought Busters: Restoring Desertified Desert Grasslands

Busting Drought for $10 per Acre from Christopher Gill on Vimeo. “We call the combination of wild animals, planned grazing, water harvesting, and Keyline subsoiling “Drought Busters”. Drought Busters is cheap, fast, poisons no plants, kills no animals, and increases … Continue reading →