Flat Hyperadobe Walls

We discussed flattening earthbag walls in a previous blog post: Flattening Walls to Save Plaster In that blog post (and the following Comments afterwards) I described some of the basics of this technique: tamp the sides of walls after several … Continue reading →

Filling Mesh Tubing with Papercrete

A blog post entitled “Earthbag, Superadobe, Hiperdobe, Why Not Hiperpapercrete?” caught my eye. The author makes a very good case for filling mesh tubing with damp papercrete. Here is how he explains it: “I have recently been reading up about … Continue reading →

Discount Raschel Mesh Tubing

Here’s a bit of good news from Patti Stouter. I just heard from Maurice Wilson that the raschel mesh tubing for Hyperadobe earth building has come in. He has a limited supply, but the manufacturer has sent longer rolls. These … Continue reading →

More Hyperadobe Videos

I found five more hyperadobe videos on YouTube. Some of the walls are rough, some are incredibly straight. It’s interesting to watch the various techniques. They’re not in English unfortunately, but it’s still a great way to learn. Hyperadobe Part … Continue reading →

Open Weave Fabric: Ideal Working Properties

I was able to find some fruit and vegetable bags that seem to match what is being used in Brazil by Fernando Pacheco, the developer of the Hiperadobe earthbag system. What I’ve located is an open weave synthetic fabric, 5 … Continue reading →