The Hempcrete Book

“The Hempcrete Book is the comprehensive, practical new book about building with hempcrete: a natural building material made from the chopped woody stem of the hemp plant (hemp “shivs”) and a lime-based binder. It is a non-loadbearing, sustainable, ‘breathable’ (vapor-permeable) … Continue reading →

Hempcrete — Growing Your Own House

This is my second post about hempcrete in just a few days. Obviously I’m pretty excited about it. The last post listed quite a few advantages of hempcrete. This post with even more exciting advantages is based on an article … Continue reading →

Hempcrete as Earthbag Fill

Today’s post is from The House Made of Hemp article at Ecogizmo. You can read the full article for free on their site. I’m posting this because I see no reason why hempcrete couldn’t be used in earthbags. This would … Continue reading →