DIY Soil Stabilizer Recipe Part 2 – Call for Assistance

This is a call for assistance from a librarian who can help find a book on how to make do-it-yourself soil stabilizers for natural home builders. About two years ago I published a blog post titled DIY Soil Stabilizer Recipe … Continue reading →

Watershed Materials Develops Clay Masonry Twice as Strong as Concrete

California-based startup Watershed Materials, with support from the National Science Foundation, has spent the last four years researching and developing a concrete alternative. Currently, their studies have produced a masonry created with natural, mineral based geopolymers, that has incredible strength … Continue reading →

Ancient Advanced Building Materials and Techniques PART 1, Geopolymers and more…

Many ancient structures and works of art may have been made with geopolymer. We’ve talked about this theory on our blog before. This video shows some very compelling close up images that supports the geopolymer theory. If confirmed, the history … Continue reading →

Biological Concrete from Sand, Bacteria and Urine

“With energy production and raw material shortages becoming increasingly pertinent issues around the world, designer Peter Trimble has demonstrated a radical method of manufacture that addresses both issues. … Continue reading →