The Cabin Stove – A Small Masonry Heater at Aprovecho Research Center

“The challenge of the design of the Cabin Stove was to come up with something that was very compact but also still resembled and functioned like a masonry heater. The design criteria included heating the small space, an efficient and … Continue reading →

The Barrel Oven: A New Kind of Outdoor DIY Pizza Oven

The best ideas are immediately recognizable, and that’s certainly true with this amazing new barrel oven by Max and Eva Edleson. Here’s an excerpt from a book review about their barrel oven by Ziggy at Year of Mud blog. … Continue reading →

Zero Energy Cooking: Rocket Stove Plus Retained Heat Cooking

Fuel Efficient Cooking with an Insulated Box “What a great example of using a retained heat cooker! Cooking beans is the perfect example of the strength of using a thermal type cooker. All the goodness with 80%-90% of the fuel … Continue reading →