More Earthbag Houses in Malawi

We’ve published several blog posts about earthbag houses in Malawai over the years. The big news in this most recent story is an NGO has created a fund for ongoing construction of earthbag houses in flood prone areas. They’ve realized … Continue reading →

Support Malawi Earthbag Projects

“Thank you Owen for this great development. Together with the Roscher Youth Development Centre in Rumphi, Malawi, I built a wonderful prototype of sandbag house last year, which now is impressing and convincing everyone about construction with earthbags ( Aaand … Continue reading →

Open Source Disaster Resistant Earthbag Homes

Announcing a new open source project at Natural Building Blog with free plans available after completion of design. Please submit your suggestions below for an ultra low-cost, disaster resistant earthbag home for coastal areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes/cyclones and … Continue reading →

More Earthbag Houses in Pakistan

Today’s post is from a group in Pakistan who’s building flood resistant houses. “Sir, the size of the structure is 20 feet by 12 feet. We have given a buttress on the back wall. We dug an 18 inch trench … Continue reading →

Rubble Bag Houses

I’ve pulled together the recent posts on rubble bag houses, expanded and edited the info, and published a new blog post at Mother Earth News. It includes details on how to build and reinforce rubble walls. Concrete rubble from collapsed … Continue reading →