The Bay Eco-village, from straw to resilience

“The continent hosts so many pioneers who are looking for other living ways. We are out to meet some of them in Quebec. Starting with the inhabitants of the Bay eco-village, who invented a straw building technique which is heard … Continue reading →

Tiny House Homestead (“The Upcycled Micro Home”)

“Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (, author of “Microshelters”), talks to Jess Sullivan, who alongside her partner Dan, built a gorgeous tiny house on a farm in Rhode Island. Jess and Dan’s tiny house is off-grid, with an array of solar panels, … Continue reading →

Making Sustainability Sexy – The Valhalla Sustainability Learning Centre Designs

Here’s an interesting presentation by the same folks who designed and built the earthship greenhouse in Montreal that I featured in yesterday’s blog post. The speaker makes lots of good, thought provoking points. It sounds like they’ve moved beyond earthship … Continue reading →

Thermal Banking Greenhouse Design

“Steven Schwen of Earthen Path Organic Farm (Lake City, Minnesota) has built an innovative greenhouse that allows him to extend his growing season while reducing energy costs. SARE’s Farmer-Rancher Grants program provided critical assistance for Schwen in the beginning phases … Continue reading →