UM builds passive solar greenhouse to grow fresh veggies year-round

“A subcontractor with Bad Goat Forest Products, Braverman was just hours away from finishing what many believe will be the first passive solar greenhouse in Missoula. “The idea is, the sun will hit the earth bags all day long and … Continue reading →

City of the Future – Village Homes, Davis, CA

“A tour with Bill Mollison, the father of Permaculture, through a small heaven inside the city of Davis, Yolo County, California, United States. Totally designed by Michael Corbett, within permaculture techniques for self-sufficiency. … Continue reading →

A Tiny Underground House (plans)

“Only 320 square feet in area, the house offers all a person needs at a modest cost. (I once spent 2 happy years in a 225 sq. ft. house.) Energy-efficient, silent, dry, and easy on the land. Floor plan, elevation, … Continue reading →