10 Beautiful and Useful Things You Can Create with Earth Plaster

People are often fascinated by the structure of my earthbag home, but in truth that was the easy part. It’s the plaster that is an art. And a science. At times I thought it might have even been witchcraft. Because … Continue reading →

Earthen Plasters: The healthiest and most beautiful way to finish your home

“No matter what material you build your house with, the finishes will always be the most visible part both inside and out. For thousands of years people have used natural materials to improve the appearance of their buildings, to protect … Continue reading →

Second Coat Earthen Plaster

So here’s our example of finish plastering using earthen plaster on this wattle and daub sample. Several people did this. You just use the edge of your hand right here. Just put on a thin layer. So the edge of … Continue reading →

Cost Overruns at Earthbag Clinic and Schools in Leogane, Haiti

The earthbag clinic and school buildings in Leogane have unfortunately experienced cost overruns. Obviously this is a very important topic, and doubly so when building in developing countries where budgets are very tight. One problem has been the unusually high … Continue reading →