Rebuilding Gaza with Earthbag Homes

The following article was written by Meinhaj Hussain. 8/11/2014 Meinhaj Hussain, “So Gaza has suffered and is suffering massive targeted genocide. Large swathes of Gaza look like Dresden. How can we rebuild with a blockade? Earthbag houses may be … Continue reading →

Earthbag on Pinterest

We’ve profiled lots of Pinterest sites because they have so many good photos. Here’s a Pinterest page on earthbags. Most photos are from our sites (naturally, since we have thousands of pages of content now). But I found some new … Continue reading →

Adelia’s House

“In meetings with the community, getting feedback about the two completed constructions, and trying to decide on next steps forward, we learned that the super adobe style of building (soil stabilized with cement), although designed to be an affordable answer … Continue reading →

Earthbag/Adobe Stunner

Green home by Alberto Cardenas, Tepalcate Construction, Cuernevaca, Mexico. Must see to believe. I was a bit shocked to see this even after working with earthbags for years. This is close to a million dollar home. The video above shows … Continue reading →