AUWA Earthbag Rural Retreat

Here’s another wonderful project by AUWA Earth. We’ve profiled them before, but this little house caught my eye when browsing their website again. And by the way, check out their slideshow that shows a very fast earthbag building system using … Continue reading →

How to Build the Best Survival Shelter on a Budget

“If you are planning to bug out to a remote location, you probably think about building a permanent home that will remain unnoticed and able to withstand many kinds of attacks. But would you consider that the cheapest survival shelter … Continue reading →

Kent’s Earthbag Cabin

“It’s finally happening. My little cabin construction project is finally happening. The main building material is earthbag, sometimes called superadobe. Watch this site for our progress! Note that most recent posts are at the top, so chronological order of the … Continue reading →

Yurok Native Reservation Earthbag Build

“UEB’s first 1,225sqft structure built with the semi-automatic 3d printer, the Earth Home Builder. 9 days of bag laying of 21″ bag. Fastest layer of 40′ length was laid in 11m16s! The crew was trained on site and ranged from … Continue reading →