UM builds passive solar greenhouse to grow fresh veggies year-round

“A subcontractor with Bad Goat Forest Products, Braverman was just hours away from finishing what many believe will be the first passive solar greenhouse in Missoula. “The idea is, the sun will hit the earth bags all day long and … Continue reading →

Eatmore Sprouts Earthbag Greenhouse

“In the spring of 2011, the construction of our new greenhouse began. This is not just a regular greenhouse. In an effort to maximise thermal mass, it is being built with environmental sustainability in mind by using earth. … Continue reading →

Earth-sheltered Passive Solar Earthbag Greenhouse

“Harmony of human habitats with nature, the use of soil and solar energy enables us to build energy-efficient shelters, produce healthy food, process waste and meet the material and spiritual needs in a sustainable manner and in accordance to the … Continue reading →

Bill Mollison’s Greenhouse/Chicken Coop

I found a very good greenhouse design by Bill Mollison (co-developer of Permaculture) in this video called Intro to Permaculture 12 – The Industrial Egg vs The Permaculture Egg. This video is a part of Midwest Permaculture’s Free Internet Webinar … Continue reading →

Earthbag Pit Greenhouse Plans

I see at least two main approaches to building a pit house with earthbags: 1. Mimic Mike Oehler’s greenhouse design using earthbags instead of poles and shoring. 2. Mimic conventional walipini pit greenhouses. That’s what I’ve chosen to do in … Continue reading →

The Earth-Sheltered Solar Canadian

Follow the adventure of building an earth-sheltered structure in Canada, six hours north of Winnipeg. In brief, they’re exploring how to optimize Mike Oehler’s earth sheltered concept using earthbags. Their greenhouse was a success (an amazing feat that far north), … Continue reading →